How many open positions do you have at one time?

Also, to go along with your options oracle system, do you have any trading systems for equities or spreads that you recommend?

I usually find 1-5 picks (puts) per month.
You will get a newsletter on options expiration weekend, but you are not guaranteed to have a pick in that issue, although 99% of the time there is.
I screen every weekend, and if I find something, you will get a e-mail with the pick.
Picks come out on Sunday night, so you can have the trade in first thing Monday morning.
People with auto-trading, don’t have to look for the emails, because the auto trader will do it for you.
I suggest no more than 5 or 10% of your portfolio into any given trade.

I only publish my “rowboat” system in the newsletter.
You can make fast money on spreads, but you can lose money with them.
As long as you don’t get wobbly, we can “rowboat” our way out of practically any bad trade. With a spread, you either win or lose.


When an option like this expires worthless on May 12, do you just buy to close it on May 12?  Do you have to do it by a certain time of day or will any time do?  What happens if you don’t close it on May 12?

When an options expires worthless, it is an automatic free “buy to close”. It costs you zero dollars and you have to do nothing for it to happen.

what to do regarding GMCR since it has crashed. Are you going to be issuing any instructions?


No. We hold.
Any movement locks in a loss, and we don’t lose money.
The Sharks are fleecing the masses, and we refuse to be fleeced.

The NAV (Net Asset Value) is not an imaginary number.
GMCR earned over $2.00 per share last quarter.
I don’t think it will be as low as $20 or even $30 for very long.
I see estimates of $50 plus on this company.
It has the Best PE, EPS, PEG and operating margin in the industry.

I know it is easy to be nervous, but look over our past performance.
We have been to this rodeo before. We can easily end up with a 40 or 50% gain on this stock.
Just be patient,hang on and enjoy the ride.