Auto-trading is the platform which the Oracle utilizes to provide you, the trader, with maximum returns on your investment. Using a tried and true program we masterfully execute trades for you day and night, thus continuing the flow of money and maximizing the potential for profit.

When you place your trust in the program all emotion is removed and you are left with simple logic and discipline – traits which define any successful investor. With auto-trading the tendency for human error is also removed so you don’t end up with monumental blunders such as buying when you should be selling, or selling an incorrect lot size by typing an extra 0 or forgetting a 1. Auto-trading platforms are optimized for efficiency and accuracy so you can sit back and watch your golden goose lay its eggs.

The Options Oracle uses two well-known auto-trading platforms: AutoShares and Global Auto-Trading. Both of these brokerage platforms link directly to your existing investment account and allow you to select the newsletter you would like to follow. When you begin reading the newsletter and following the stock picks you’ll see why the Oracle has been able to achieve an annualized average of 92.89% on all of his trades.

But how does the program know which stocks to choose? That’s where your favorite trader, the Options Oracle, comes in! The Oracle works diligently selecting the best picks for his portfolio and allows you to follow in his footsteps by way of the newsletter.