The Options Oracle is the easiest, safest and most profitable system for making money. I am here to offer a limited number of people earn consistent, safe and reliable income every month without paying thousands for stock options or having to crack the codes of insider trading. Even if you’re not sure of what a stock option is, it doesn’t matter, I’ll handle the work for you with my tried-and-true system that sells options by selecting winning “picks.” All you need to do is make my trades in order to reap rewards.

I have a proven track record of success that I am ready and willing to share with anyone who is interested in learning my system of financial gain. If you’re in the market for simple and profitable investment safety, this is the system for you. When you join The Options Oracle, your membership includes a monthly E-newsletter, “The Oracle Speaks.” This newsletter chronicles the actual trades of The Options Oracle Master Trader Brad Lee.

Also included in the membership plan is participation in our monthly webinar “Ask the Oracle Sunday,” which covers and options and trade-related questions live and in-person. This webinar starts at 8:00 PM EST.  Brad also creates a new how-to video for every new trade.

You will also receive a third weekend best picks e-mail as well as special bonus picks. If any special options are found you will receive an “Oracle Bonus Pick” e-mail that Sunday night, an “Oracle Adjustment” e-mail that can show up on any given day after the markets are closed and a rare “Oracle Alert” e-mail that will be sent any time there is an important adjustment to make.

We also offer highly-innovative Auto Trading Services. For those not sure of what “Auto-Trading” means, it is the ability to have a stock or option broker execute trade alerts by your newsletter, which in turn enhances your ability to get into and out of trades quickly and efficiently, even if you are unable to or unsure of how to keep tabs on current market conditions.

By signing up for Auto-Trading services, you can automatically shadow every pick I make without ever having to lift a finger. It does this by putting your portfolio on autopilot and following the trades that the Oracle makes automatically. We highly recommend this feature for anyone who wants to take a hands-off approach—especially for those who are new to investing concepts. This will eliminate the stress of having to constantly check your e-mail to see if one of the “Oracle Alerts” has come out.

My goal is to help you make money without the stress of researching and keeping track of the ever-fluctuating stock market. If you’re still unsure about joining, consider reading our testimonials.

Here’s to more money in your immediate future!