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Established February 2009

23 October 2016

Summary of Trades:

Cash Covered Puts

  • 10/24/2016 Sell To Open CEMP Nov16 $20 Put $1.90

Other Trades

  • None

Stock Covered Calls

(do not buy into these positions; do not sell unless you already own the stock)

  • Sell To Open CBI Jan18 $45 Call $0.65
  • Sell To Open UVXY Dec16 $35 Call $0.56
  • Sell To Open SNSS Jan17 $5 Call $0.30
  • Sell To Open CASC Nov16 $2 Call $0.10
  • Sell To Open ZIOP Jan17 $12 Call $0.05

Dividend Payers:


Annaly Capital Management (NLY) @ $10.08

Annaly Capital Management (NYSE:NLY) is the largest mortgage REIT available to investors with a market cap of 10 billion. The company invest in a combination of agency backed mortgage securities, non-agency backed mortgage and commercial real estate. The company employs leverage to maximize its profits and dividends, but its leverage is among the lowest and most defensive in the industry at 6.1x. Despite the defensive positioning, the company has pulled back recently to the point that its dividend yield is 10.48%

AINV @ $6.00

This is a dividend play, we will only sell calls that exceed $.15/share, which is the dividend.

Sell To Open AINV Nov16 $6 Call @ $.15 Limit GTC

bid $.10 / time $.15


Cost basis $6.00 per share.

Premiums collected: $0.55 per share

Dividends: $.15

Total: $.70

11.66% return in 3 Months

09/19/2016 0.15 Dividend

06/21/2016 Sell To Open AINV Jul16 $6 Put $0.55

$10,000 would return $910

Closed Positions:  (1)

Close date: 10-22-2016

SRPT @$47.98

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.

09/19/2016 Sell To Open SRPT Oct16 $13 Put $1.30

10% return

Track Record

(Closed Positions from the spreadsheet)

As of xx/xx/2016

Daily Avg of all trades .26%

Monthly Avg of all trades 7.86%

Annualized Avg of all trades 95.69%

Avg days in trade 106.09

Winning % of all trades 94.44%

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