January 23rd, 2011

Greetings and Welcome aboard to all new subscribers.

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Feel free to look at our past issues because many trades last multiple months.


How did we do?:

Congrats to all who followed the trades and made Money.

AGNC closed @ $28.45 January call Options expired. If you own this stock:

Sell to Open AGNC February 2011 $29.00 Call @30c limit If you want this stock:

Sell to Open AGNC February 2011 $28.00 Put @ 35c limit Good until Canceled.

MELA closed@ $3.12 January call Options expired.

I expect MELA to go down in the next week.

Sell to Open MELA April 2011 $5.00 Call @20c limit Good until Canceled.

CAGC closed@ $12.17

January call Options expired.

Sell to Open CAGC February 2011 $14.00 @25c limit Good until Canceled.

CECO Closed @ $ 21.91 January call Options expired.

Sell to Open CECO February 2011 $24.00 Call @.45c limit Good until Canceled.

VVUS closed@ $8.74 January call options expired

Sell to Open VVUS February 2011 $8.00 call @ $1.15 limit Good until Canceled

TNA Closed @ $69.32 January Put options expired

We are going to “rest” on this stock this month.

MCP Closed @$42.99

January Put options expired

GDXJ Closed @ $33.91

Got put to us @ $38

Row the Boat

Sell to Open GDXJ February 2011 $38.00 Call @ .40c Limit, Good until Canceled.

New Picks

CLDA @ $15.03

Sell to Open CLDA February 2011 $12.50 Put @Market Price (currently:$2.20= 17.6% return)

Clinical Data, Inc (CLDA) operates as a global biotechnology company developing early and late stage targeted therapeutics, as well as genetic and pharmacogenomic tests that detect serious diseases and help predict drug safety, tolerability, and efficacy.

It is VERY rare for us to go with the market price, this stock is going to go up big on Monday.

They got their FDA approval Friday.

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