The Rowboat
Quite Possibly The Holy Grail of Investing.
Step 1
: Sell the Put
( This is a Cash Covered Put, you have to have enough Cash in your account to Purchase
the stock if the opt
ion is exercised, this is also your maximum risk.)
@ $6.47
Oncothyreon Inc
Sell to Open, ONTY Febuary 2012
Put @
Good until cancelled
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Return in 27 Days
$10,000 would return
in 27 days
ONTY was our Bonus Pick on January 8
, 2012
We sold the $5.00 Put for .30c, netting a 6% Return in 11 days.
Oncothyreon Inc.(ONTY), a cl

stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the
development of therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer. Its primary product
candidate, Stimuvax is in Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of non

small cell
lung cancer. The company als
o develops PX

866, a small molecule that is in Phase II
trials. In addition, it engages in the preclinical development of ONT

10, a cancer
vaccine. The company operates in Canada, the United States, Barbados, and Europe.
Oncothyreon Inc. was founded in 198
5 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
@ 63.3
InterOil Corporation
Sell to Open, IOC Febuary 2012
Put @
Good until cancelled
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Return in 27 days.
$10,000 would return
in 27 days
InterOil Corporation (IOC) primarily engages in the exploration, appraisal, and
development of crude oil and natural gas properties in
Papua New Guinea. It also
involves in the refining and liquefaction of jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline, as well as
naphtha and low sulfur waxy residue. In addition, the company engages in the
wholesale and retail distribution of diesel, jet fuel, gasoline,
kerosene, and fuel oil, as
well as branded commercial and industrial lubricants, such as engine and hydraulic
oils. As of December 31, 2010, it provided petroleum products to 52 retail service
stations, including 42 operating under the InterOil brand name
and 10 operating under
its own independent brand. The company also operates approximately 11 aviation
refueling facilities in Papua New Guinea. InterOil Corporation was founded in 1990
and is based in Cairns, Australia.
Remember, no more than 5 or 10%
of your portfolio should ever go into
any one trade or position.
Step 2:
it got Put to you,
now we:
Covered Call
(Do not buy this stock just to sell the covered Call)
Nothing got Put to us this month.
However MELA was called away
@ $4
Jan 2012 $4.00 Call ~ Exercised
Cost basis
per share.
Premiums collected: net
per share
in 14 months
$10,000 would have generated
actual trades:
09/19/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Jan12 4 Call $0.69
011 Buy To Close
MELA Oct11 2.5 Call $1.04
08/22/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Oct11 2.5 Call $0.30
08/21/2011 Buy To Close EXPIRED MELA AUG11 2.5 CALL
07/20/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Aug11 2.5 Call $0.25
07/17/2011 Buy To Close
/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Jul11 3.5 Call $0.30
05/22/2011 Buy To Close
04/19/2011 Sell To Open
MELA May11 4 Call $0.15
04/17/2011 Buy To Close
01/24/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Apr11 5 Call $0.20

Option Assignment
12/17/2010 Buy To Close
MELA Dec10 4 Put $0.00
11/01/2010 Sell To Open
MELA Dec10 4 Put $0.85
MELA Sciences, Inc., a medical device company, focuses on the design and development
of a non

invasive, point


care inst
rument to assist in the detection of early melanoma.
The companyincipal product, MelaFind, features a hand

held imaging device that
emits multiple wavelengths of light to capture images of suspicious pigmented skin lesions
and extract data. This produ
ct uses automatic image analysis and statistical pattern
recognition to help identify lesions to be considered for biopsy to rule out melanoma. It
consists of hand

held imaging device, which employs high precision optics and multi

spectral illumination; da
tabase of pigmented skin lesions; and lesion classifiers, which are
mathematical algorithms that extract lesion feature information and classify lesions. MELA
Sciences submitted the MelaFind pre

market approval application with the U.S. Food and
Drug Admin
istration (FDA) in June 2009 and is under review at the FDA. The company
was formerly known as Electro

Optical Sciences, Inc. and changed its name MELA
Sciences, Inc. in April 2010. MELA Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is based in
Irvington, New Yor
Remember, no more than 5 or 10% of your portfolio should ever go into
any one trade or position.How did we do last Month? / Current/Older Positions/History
@ $1.85
Take no action
There is no good option interest at this time.
Cost basis
per share.
Premiums collected:
per share
Return in 5 months
$10,000 would have generated $2660.00
actual trades:
09/19/2011 Sell To Open
CLWR Jan12 4 Call $0.30
09/16/2011 Buy To Close
CLWR Sep11 3 Put
09/16/2011 Buy CLWR

Option Assignment
08/23/2011 Sell To Open
CLWR Sep11 3 Put $0.50
Clearwire Corporation provides wireless broadband services. The company builds and
operates mobile broadband networks that provide high

speed mobile Internet and
residential acces
s services, as well as residential voice services in communities in the
United States. It primarily offers fourth generation (4G) and pre

4G mobile broadband
services under the CLEAR and Clearwire brand names, as well as provides fixed voice
over Internet
protocol telephony services for homes and offices. The company also leases
residential modems, as well as sells modems and personal computer cards. As of
December 31, 2010, it primarily served 88 markets in the United States covering an
estimated 114.2 mil
lion people; and 4 markets in Europe covering an estimated 2.9 million
people, as well as had approximately 1.1 million retail and 3.3 million wholesale
subscribers in the United States; and 40,000 subscribers in Belgium and Spain. The
company markets its
products and services directly to consumers, as well as through
cellular retailers, consumer electronics stores, satellite television dealers, and computer
sales and repair stores. It also markets its products and services through company

operated retail o
utlets. The company is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. Clearwire
Corporation is a subsidiary of Sprint HoldCo LLC.
@ $20.00
Focus Media Holding Ltd
Sell to Open FMCN Febuary 2012 $24.00 Call @
Good until canceled.
in 27 days)
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Cost basis
$ 20.00
per share.
Premiums collected:
$ 2.30
per share
Return i
n 2 months
$10,000 would have generated
actual trades:
12/19/2011 Sell To Open FMCN Jan12 22.5 Call $0.90
12/16/2011 Buy FMCN

Option Assignment
11/21/2011 Sell To Open FMCN Dec11 20 Put @ $1.40
Focus Media Holding Limited, a multi

tform digital media company, operates liquid crystal display (LCD) network using
audiovisual digital displays in China. The company sells out


home television advertising time slots on its network of flat

television advertising displays located in
high traffic areas, such as commercial locations, as well as in

store network. It provides
advertising services on poster frames, on screens in movie theaters, and on traditional outdoor billboards, as well as through LCD
display and Internet advertising n
etworks. As of June 30, 2011, the companyt


home lifestyle interactive digital media
network had approximately 170,000 LCD displays in approximately 95,000 commercial buildings covering approximately 90 cities;
390,000 in

elevator poster and digital
picture frames in residential buildings in approximately 30 cities; approximately 50,000 LCD
displays in approximately 2,700 hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores; and approximately 1,900 movie screens in
approximately 280 movie theaters. It
also engages in developing related software systems that would enable to configure and run the
content on its advertising network. Focus Media Holding Limited is headquartered in Central, Hong Kong.
@ $10.93
Cheniere Energy, Inc.
March 2012 $12.00 C
Still cooking, take no action
Cost basis
$ 9.00
per share.
Premiums collected:
$ .65c
per share
% Return in 2 months
$10,000 would have generated
actual trades:
01/03/2012 Sell To Open LNG Mar12 12 Call $0.25
011 Buy LNG

Option Assignment
11/21/2011 sell To Open LNG Dec11 9 Put @
Cheniere Energy, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the ownership and operation of
liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminals and natural gas pipelines in
the Gulf Coast
of the United States. The company develops LNG receiving terminal projects on Sabine
Pass LNG in western Cameron Parish, Louisiana on the Sabine Pass Channel; Corpus
Christi LNG near Corpus Christi, Texas; and Creole Trail LNG at the mouth o
f the
Calcasieu Channel in central Cameron Parish, Louisiana. It also involves in the oil and
natural gas exploration and development activities; and LNG and natural gas marketing
business. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in Houston, Texas.
@ $24.72
Sell To Open
2012 36 Call @ $0.30 Limit, Good
until Cancelled.
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Cost basis
per share.
Premiums collected:
per share
Dividends : .
Return in 9 months
$10,000 would have generated $908.00
actual trades:
12/06/2011 PAAS

10/24/2011 Sell To Open
n12 36 Call $0.40
10/22/2011 Buy To Close
EXPIRED PAAS Oct11 36 Call
09/08/2011 PAAS

06/20/2011 Sell To Open
PAAS Oct11 36 Call $0.80
06/19/2011 Buy To Close
05/23/2011 Sell To Open
PAAS Jun11 36 Call $0.50
05/20/2011 Buy PAAS

Option Assignment
05/20/2011 Buy To Close
PAAS May11 36 Put $0.00
04/18/2011 Sell To Open
PAAS May11 36 Put $1.55
Pan American Silver Corp. engages in the exploration
, development, extraction,
processing, production, refining, reclamation, and operation of silver properties. The company also produces and sells gold, zinc, lead, and copper. As of April 27, 2011, it had
seven silver mining operations in Mexico, Peru, Arg
entina, and Bolivia. The company was
founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
@ $40.02
Sell To Open
2012 49 Call $0.40 Limit, good until
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trading and have this trade
done for you automatically)
Cost basis
per share.
Premiums collected:
per share
Return in 8 months
$10,000 would have generated $948.00
actual trades:
10/31/2011 Sell To Open
AY Jan12 49 Call $0.90
10/31/2011 Buy To Close
PAY Jan12 46 Call

10/24/2011 Sell To Open PAY Jan12 46 Call $1.10
10/22/2011 Buy To Close
EXPIRED PAY Oct11 42 Call
08/23/2011 Sell To Open
PAY Oct11 42 Call $0.60
08/21/2011 Buy To Close
07/19/2011 Sell To Open
PAY Aug11 46 Call $1.05
07/17/2011 Buy To Close
06/20/2011 Sell To Open
PAY Jul11 44 Call $0.75
06/17/2011 Buy To Close
PAY Jun11 43 Put $0.00
06/17/2011 Buy PAY

Option Assignment $43.00
05/23/2011 Sell To Open
PAY Jun11 43 Put $1.70
VeriFone Systems, Inc. designs, markets, and services electronic payment solutions that
enable secure electronic payments among consumers, merchants, and financial
institutions worldwide. The company provide
s countertop electronic payment systems that
accept magnetic, smart card, and contactless/radio frequency identification cards; and
support credit, debit, check, electronic benefits transfer, and various pre

paid products, as
well as offers wireless system
solutions. The company also provides products for the point
of sale applications, which include displays, user

friendly interfaces, electronic cash
registers (ECR) interfaces, durable key pads, and signature capture functionality; and
contactless/near fie
ld communication (NFC) payment solutions for consumer

transactions using contactless cards, tokens, or NFC enabled mobile phones. In addition,
it offers various products for petroleum companies, such as integrated electronic payment
systems that
combine card processing, fuel dispensing, and ECR functions, as well as
secure payment systems for integration with petroleum pump controllers and systems.
Further, the company provides server

based transaction products; secure payment
hardware and softwar
e integration modules; and VeriShield Protect, a solution that
encrypts and protects consumer card data. Additionally, it offers client services, including
payment system consulting, deployment, on

site and telephone

based installation and
training, help d
esk support, repairs, replacement of impaired system solutions, asset
tracking, and reporting; and project management services. The company serves financiainstitutions, payment processors, petroleum companies, retailers, government
organizations, and hea
lthcare companies, as well as independent sales organizations.
The company was formerly known as VeriFone Holdings, Inc. and changed its name to
VeriFone Systems, Inc. in May 2010. The company is headquartered in San Jose,
@ $6.02
February 2012 $15.00 Call
still cooking, take no action
Cost basis
per share.
Premiums collected:
per share
Return in 3 months
$10,000 would have generated $2000.00
actual trades:
11/28/2011 Sell To Open
TRGT Feb12 15 Call $
11/18/2011 Buy To Close
TRGT Nov11 12.5 Put
11/18/2011 Buy TRGT

Option Assignment $12.50
10/23/2011 Sell to Open TRGT Nov 11 $12.50 PUT $1.60
Quote of the Month:
“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been
swimming naked. “
en Buffet
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Brad Lee
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