June 9th, 2012

This update is for the newer members, who have not seen
the Rowboat in action. Our older members have seen this
happen a few times.
The market is manipulated and here is a perfect
TPX @ $25.54
Earnings report is not due until July 22
, yet on Wednesday
June 6
, the CEO announced that they would not make
their projected Earnings and the stock lost over 40%.
However the stocked gapped down BEFORE they made
the ann
Friday, the company started buying back it’s shares, and the
officers are also buying back shares.
The stock was up $3.00 on Friday.
Here is a short video I made to show you what I see.
TPX @ $25.54
We sold the June 2012 $40.00 Put.
be Put to us if it hasn’t already. This is no disaster.
The system works.
No matter what, we are going to sell the $41+ Call. (month
will be determined next week.)
This “Locks in” a profit.
The fundamentals have not changed and we have been
this road before.
Below are just few examples of how we handle stocks that
gap down and still make a profit.. All this information is in the section marked “Actual trades”. These are the longest it
has taken to recover.
Cost basis $
per share.
Premiums collected:
$ 4.35
per share
Per share profit
Total $5.35
% Return in 12 months
$10,000 would have generated
actual trades:
07/15/2011 Sell VVUS

Option Assignment $8.00
06/21/2011 Sell To Open
Jul11 8 Call $0.27
03/21/2011 Sell To Open
VVUS Jun11 8 Call $0.35
01/26/2011 Sell To Open
VVUS Feb11 8 Call $1.15
12/15/2010 Sell To Open
VVUS Jan11 10 Call $0.39
08/23/2010 Sell To Open
VVUS Dec10 7 Call $0.99
07/16/2010 Buy VVUS

06/28/2010 Sell To Open
VVUS Jul10 7 Put $1.20
Cost basis $
per share.
Premiums collected:
$ 2.41
per share
Per share profit
Total $2.41
% Return in 14 months $10,000 would have generated
01/20/2012 Sell

Option Assignment $4.00
09/19/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Jan12 4 Call $0.66
07/20/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Aug11 2.5 Call$0.25
05/23/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Jul11 3.5 Call $0.30
04/19/2011 Sell To Open
MELA May11 4 Call $0.1
01/24/2011 Sell To Open
MELA Apr11 5 Call $0.20
12/17/2010 Buy MELA

Option Assignment
11/01/2010 Sell To Open
MELA Dec10 4 Put $0.85

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