Highly recommended!

“I started following Options Oracle because I was looking to diversify my portfolio and generate income in all market conditions.  I had experience in stock investing & options trading on larger firms, but Brad brings a new perspective.  Focused largely on the biotech industry, a sector that he has broad experience with, his trades […]

Abdel K.

“I have been working with Richard Bradfield Lee but I was refunded the first payments because I have been having issues opening an account, he had no problem refunding me and was cheerfully kind enough to do it, till now he has not taken a payment from me.”

Diane D.

“Due to an illness, I was forced to take an early retirement and Social Security alone just wasn’t going to cut it.  I was also very concerned about how to make the biggest bang for my buck with my retirement fund while also being very conservative since security is huge with me. Brad Lee’s […]

John L.

Just to compare notes, I was able to execute all your trades this morning except for SRPT.  For UVXY, I had to bump my limit order down to $2.05 and then it went through.  I’m happy with that price.

I never executed the FIT trade last month because I have lost confidence in the company. […]

John L.

I am very pleased with the recommendations you have been making. While my other investment portfolios are struggling recently (I trade stocks & stock options following Motley Fool newsletters) my Options Oracle account grew by 8% in the past 3 weeks and that’s with less than 40% of the funds invested.  The rest is […]

Cliff B, Love the Service

“I’ll be unable to make Sunday’s conference call due to travel.  Please ensure that I do receive the latest new letter so I can review once I’m on the ground Sunday.  Thanks and so far, I love the service!”

Jonathan M, Ohio

“I highly recommend the Options Oracle to my friends and family; actually I talk about it to everyone who tells me they are having financial questions, concerns, or are just plain looking for a way to get themselves out of the rat race. God Bless the Options Oracle.”

R Sedacca, Florida

“Brad Lee is a careful, smart money manager. He understands the power of options, his strategies are working and growing my portfolio”.

Brian P, Canada

“I have been watching the monthly picks for the last 8 months. Because of problems with my account I was only able to start trading last month Feb/2012 .I can tell you it is a whole lot more fun watching the options expire worthless and all the money staying in your account.Brad likes to […]

Mike I, Ohio

“The new additions to the website are very professional and I put my full trust in you. I have been trading with you for almost 1 year now and make money almost every month. I was worried with MELA as I did not listen to what you said to do but I have made […]