Investing To Earn Additional Income

The wealthy all seem to know how to get rich and stay rich. Perhaps it’s time the rest of us got in on the secret and begin working less and earning more. Many recommend following the three laws of wealth. The first law states that you pay yourself the first ten percent of everything you earn. Not to spend on food or to buy a new flat screen, but to purchase a goose that lays golden eggs. In other words, use ten percent of your money to invest in something that pays back. For example, invest in dividend paying stocks.

What are dividend paying stocks? They’re investments in which every dividend stock you own, a company will pay you a portion of their earnings. Essentially, you’re receiving income to own a stock.

The second law of wealth is simply don’t eat the goose! No matter how tight things get, do not sell or dip into your investment. For example, don’t sell your stocks. And finally, once you’ve reached your predetermined magic number, or the amount you’ve decided you’d like to save, only spend half of your eggs.

What are some advantages of investing in dividend paying stocks?

  1. You’re investing in a two-way win. You’ll earn money both when the share value rises and when the company distributes a dividend check.
  2. A steady flow of income will be secured.
  3. Dividend paying stocks achieve both profits and ownership, as opposed to regular stocks where income is only achieved by selling a stock.
  4. Investors are able to build long-term wealth.

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