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Whether you were a member for a few months or a few years, we view our relationship with you as an investment and we want that investment to be profitable.

Reasons to come back:

  • A proven track record of success
  • We proudly display all of our past trades
  • Monthly webinars that provide insight to the strategy behind picking options
  • With our Auto Trading partnership, the hard work is done for you
  • Access to a Master Trader that will help guide you through the world of options trading


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Your Membership Includes:

The "Oracle Speaks"

The “Oracle Speaks” is our Monthly Newsletter that details our actual trades. Expect this email the third Sunday of every month following Options Expiration Weekend. This gives our members the advantage of putting in their trades Sunday night before the trades close Monday morning.

“Ask the Oracle” Webinar

30+ Minute Webinar the third Sunday of every month following Options Expiration Weekend starting at 8 pm EST. In this webinar we go over the “Ask The Oracle” newsletter. We will analyze our trades, discuss our strategy, provide the ‘Why” behind each pick and then take questions on any trading subject.

Personal One on One

We take a lot of pride in our track record. We know that investing is not perfect and involves some risk. This is why we believe it is important to offer as much communication as possible to our members. We offer an open forum during our webinars and the ability to set up personal one on one time with a Master Trader.

Adjustment Alerts

Although this is rare, sometimes we need to adjust a trade. If an adjustment is made, you will be informed via one of our email adjustment alerts.

Any emails will be after the market closes since we always put in our trades while the market is closed.

No Software or Classes Required

There are no classes or expensive software programs that you need to purchase. Follow our picks and let us worry about the charts and graphs.

1-5 Picks

Guaranteed 1 pick each month. We average between 1-2 new positions and 3 covered calls per month. 5 is the most we have ever found in one screening session

View our Actual Trades

If you want excitement, go to Disney World. Our system is boring for some people but we follow Warren buffets #1 Rule. “First, don’t lose money”.

Our goal is to have a consistent income in the safest way possible. We share with you exactly what we are doing and if you follow our picks, it’s very difficult to lose.

No Contracts

We believe that we have to earn your business every month. There are no contracts and no cancellation fees.


Auto-trading allows you to shadow every trade we make. It removes the opportunity for error when selecting your options and there will never be a time when you miss a stock because you were away from your computer or phone.

Bonus Picks

We screen constantly so if we find something, we will share it with you!

Sometimes things are too good to be true. This time things are just too good to pass up.